West Adventure Concept - Adventure park in Caen
15 km from Caen and Bayeux

WEST ADVENTURE CONCEPT (W.A.C) has as an objective to :

- provide leisure and professional activities up in the trees and on the ground, surrounded by nature and more specifically;
- construct and maintain acrobatic courses in the forest, bike ride courses, nature paths, platforms in trees for housing, work on cords which are difficult to access
- rent and sell sporting and professional equipment which allow these activities

The West Adventure Concept team is a team of professionally qualified rope specialists.
West Adventure Concept offers:
- Building games in the trees,
- The creation of high platforms both in private homes and professional businesses,
- Accommodation platforms from 2 to 20 m2,
- Work in the air and in places which are difficult to access,
- Pruning,
- Rigging,
- Normandy tracer

They also offer development of adventure parks and instillation at an individual's home or for a company, turnkey security measures…